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Anti-aging Blood Tests

Assure Family Clinic offers anti-ageing blood tests that help you find out your body's true biological age. As you grow older, you may feel healthy but your body system may be deteriorating faster than people of your chronological age (the number of years you have been alive). By understanding your body’s actual biological age, you can take steps to enhance your general health. In addition, you can stay away from the things that may accelerate your ageing.

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Comprehensive Allergy Testing

At Assure Family Clinic, we help you stay safe by doing allergy tests, so you can identify allergens and stay away from them. For example, you or your loved ones may be allergic to a particular substance, such as dust, animal fur or food items. We cover tests for both children and adults. 

Test packages include Comprehensive Allergy Test Package, Food Allergy Test Package, Seafood Allergy Test Package, Animal and Insect Allergy Test Package, Inhalant Allergy Test Package, Allergy Test Package for Children, Allergy Test Package for Eczema, and more. 

Type of Allergy TestPrice
Food allergy/ Food intolerence testing: 120 items$650
Food allergy or food intolerence testing: 200 items$810
Asthma allergy testing: Common food allergens(6), cat and dog dander, dust mites (3)$540
Eczema / Rash allergy testing: Common food allergens (8), cat and dog dander, dust mites (3)$460

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Comprehensive Weight Management Programme

Assure Family Clinic’s weight management programme is designed to provide individuals struggling with weight management a great experience. We understand that weight management is a complex and challenging issue, and our team of kind professionals is here to assist you every step of the way. 

You will receive support and guidance from one of Assure’s doctors. By pairing medication with health coaching, you will develop healthy habits that enable you to lose weight.

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Gut Microbiome Testing

Assure Family Clinic provides gut microbiome tests which is the first step to optimising your gut well-being. The gut microbiome test is a simple, non-invasive stool test. The test will examine the different types of bacteria in your gut and evaluate if there is an imbalance. Should there be an imbalance, we will work with you to come up with a viable plan to restore balance.

Take charge of your gut health. Schedule a gut microbiome test now.

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Lifestyle Continuous Glucose Monitoring

Assure Family Clinic’s lifestyle continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) is an innovative technology that allows you to track and monitor your glucose levels throughout the day and night. This advanced system gives you real-time data and insights, empowering you to make strategic decisions that improve your exercise, diet and overall lifestyle. 

Lifestyle CGM not only helps people with diabetes manage their condition more effectively but also benefits those who wish to optimise their overall health and well-being.

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Nutritional Assessment and Screening

Assure Family Clinic’s nutrition assessment identifies your existing nutritional status and provides tailored recommendations. Nutrition screening is the first step in identifying patients at risk for obesity, osteoporosis, those with risk factors for nutrition problems. It is also very important for women who are trying to conceive, or planning for pregnancy. Nutrition screening allows for further investigations such as blood tests, prevention of malnutrition when risks are identified, and early intervention when problems are confirmed.

Many women suffer from iron deficiency due to menstruation coupled with insufficient intake of iron. Iron deficiency can result in symptoms such as extreme fatigue, weakness, pale skin, chest pain, fast heartbeat, shortness of breath, headache, dizziness, lightheadedness, cold hands and feet, and inflammation or soreness of the tongue.

Hair loss is a common symptom of deficiencies in the following: iron, vitamin B, folate, and vitamin D. 

Vitamin D deficiency is common in Singapore despite being a sunny island. Symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency are rickets, fatigue, bone pain, muscle weakness, muscle aches, muscle cramps, and mood changes such as depression

Other common symptoms of vitamin or nutritional deficiency include dry skin, poor wound healing, cracked lips, hair loss, brittle nails, muscle weakness, frequent infections, and difficulty concentrating.

Blood tests are available for:

  • Iron (ferritin)
  • Folic acid
  • Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin D
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Personalised Health Screening

At Assure Family Clinic, we customise health screening packages that consider your health concerns, age, risk factors, medical and family history. The difference is, at Assure, we can do a full body health screening tailored to your individual health profile and risk, instead of standard packages targeting specific diseases only.

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Personalised Practitioner Grade Supplements

Assure Family Clinic offers personalised practitioner-grade dietary supplements that are tailored to your unique needs and health goals. Unlike over-the-counter supplements, personalised supplements are formulated to address the unique deficiencies, imbalances, or conditions of an individual, as determined by a functional medicine practitioner. Practitioner- grade supplements are high quality and do not contain additional fillers or binders.

The process typically involves a comprehensive health assessment, which may include blood tests, and an assessment of the individual's diet and lifestyle.

Based on the insights collected, a personalised supplement plan which covers specific nutrients, vitamins, or herbal extracts in appropriate dosages and combinations.

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